Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kit Us outs latest kit recipeint

Last week I had the honour of arranging and delivering a pair of spikes to the ivory coast national triple jump champion Fatima Diasso. She is training hard to qualify for Rio 2016, and fortunately for us she paid a visit to France to further her training, and through ordering through the Nike France website we were able to get the spikes to her before the competition in France.
That takes up to 60 athletes so far and the mission continues....

Latest News

Ok blog fans, i have been away quite a bit, so progress so far,we will start with the job front before i end up on another tangent... I applied for th Bridge keeper position at Sutton Bridge and whilst I as informed by one of the guys, that 60 applied they only invited 6 people to interview, but they were really quick in telling me that I was unsuccessful, I have requested feedback and I should get that tomorrow, In the meantime I have a Network Rail interview on Tuesday, The only good news on the job front is that I actually passed my IPMA level D APMP exam which makes me a certified Project Management Associate, trying to find entry level positions is proving challenging though.

It is becoming increasingly apparent as this government strives to save money ( not very well) that they have taken their eye off the ball. There are thousands of Servicemen being made redundant and everyone of them that I have manged to speak to are finding it difficult to find a job. One of them is now living day to day because he doesnt know where the next meal is coming from let alone getting any money...

In the meantime, Life on the Costa Del Gedney continues to improve, dont get me wrong being this remote is challenging, there is no mains gas and until today we were on a card electric meter which would cut the electric off at a moments notice without any warning. We need to get more involved with village life and the people, because whilst everyone is very friendy and always says hello, its the old adage its not what you know its who you know..
The Hot Tub is settling in nicely, it doesnt have a name yet, but with the onset of inclement weather we have ordered a gazebo so that we can continue to enjoy the tub in the cold.

The thing we are really pleased about is that we have lived here 2 months today, and in those two months we have had more visitors than we had iin the whole 13 years we have been married and working in the Royal Air Force.