Tuesday, 17 November 2015

geographical attitudes

Its been just over a year and we are still coming to terms with the Paris attacks. 
On a personal front its time to bring you up to date, the good news is that Kit Us Out continues to go from strength to strength and our athletes got a good bunch of medals at the IPC world athletics championship.

Over the last 12 months I worked for a company that was mainly ex military. for professional reasons i wont go into too much detail, except that they had a number of financial issues and this meant I wasnt paid on time 8 times out of 11. This lead to some difficulties especially when we were paid 18 days late at one stage. They told me in July that the company was going into voluntary liquidation
this was a lie.They were still discussing it, and we finally got paid 22 days later. in the meantime I had gone to the job centre,and informed the landlord of the companies state, he served with a section 21 despite not being in arrears with our rent. With no money and no food in the house I put it as my status on facebook and all of a suddden i had three people contact me with food and some cash, to ease the problem. We were amazed. But my mother in laws health was deteriorating and with the landlord being difficult we asked the Royal British Legion for assistance. They were very quick, and whilst they would have sorted the landlord out, once they heard that my mother in law wasnt well, and we sort of planned to move to Hull they made it happen...and 34 days later we had moved...

Noiw Hull may have been featured in the worse places to live a couple of times in the last few years, but I have to tell you, the assistance for veterans is staggering. There is an Ex forces advisor in the CAB, there is a Hull Veterans Support Centre, there is a Hull Veterans work group, and of the course the orignal Breakfast club at Barkers. Whilst my wife has family and friends in Hull, so whilst feeling the pressure of not being employed again, I set off to find my brethren. 

The breakfast club is awesome, everyone knows a guy that knows a guy and thats how I discovered the Hull Veterans Work group. There were 70 veterans attend that breakfast club, a good mix of Army Navy and 4 RAF ( including me lol). We pass the time of day, have a butty and then thin out. 
they meet twice a week, and it gave me a lift.  In these times of austerity, the state cant support veterans and some companies cant hire them either.Since I have moved to Hull, I have currently applied for over 30 Jobs for 1 interview, but as the job centre will tell you its early days yet....its never early days when you have no money.....well till next time, it will be more regular now , i have tome on my hands lol