Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas approaches

Here we are 3 months in and whilst I feel supported, by the excellent Barkers Breakfast club and the Hull veterans work club, I had my CV professionally reviewed and basically they tore it to shreds, which is maybe why I havent heard from any of my 50 applications, but then part of me says they were a professional company and they want me to pay for them to rewrite it.
   So my mission here is to prove that not all ex military people are alcoholic fighters that are only fit for military service. It has kind of hit me for six, I have a wealth of skills and feel desperately old and overlooked. the last interview I went to I wasnt the oldest fact as I Know I will never work for that particular company like ever , here is the story...

I applied for a job with this company ( despite knowing i will never work for them I'm not completely stupid in naming them lol) , they made me go thru several hoops to get to this particular stage, including an online customer service test which i scored 93% in, a typing test 6241 key depressions per hour, ( 90%) and another test which was role related and I got 100% in that one. This got me thru to a video interview, well I say interview there was nobody there , the questions popped up o nscreen and I answered them, it was horrible but necessary. This got me thru to a group discussion which was like going for RAF Selection all over again. This group discussion was split into three parts. The first part was an ice breaker where we introduced ourselves and said some other interesting things, this then went into a communication exercise, where we were given a laminate to describe for the rest of the group to draw and everyone drew what I described. What followed was a cave rescue scenario where we decided as an individual who in the party we would rescue. Then we had to decide as a group, no one came forward to present their ideas, as we sat there for 5 minutes. So I stepped in and chaired the meeting getting my own opinions across but taking everybody elses opinions into account to come up with a definitive order for the party to come out. The final list looked nothing like I had written down but we all presented why that person should be in that order, and that was the final decision. 
 I got an email 3 days later saying thanks but no thanks and that detailed feedback was available and so I emailed them and im still waiting.....I guess they wanted a sheep rather than a shepherd.....

 I took it as a postive experience and when I went to the Hull veterans work club and they said that was common for this particular company. So undeterred I have applied for another 5 positions at this company with different Cvs and whilst ( in my head) they give me due consideration..(NOT!) they probably just laugh and chuck my application in the bin. Don't fear tho readers they haven't posted a new job in a while but as soon as they do..I'll be in there like a rat up a drain pipe...( do rats run up drain pipes btw? ) 

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