Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Syrian Air war

Today, the government sanctioned airstrikes against Daesh.  its ok taking the war to the enemy, but how are we doing that? when we atacked Iraq we had a strict UN resolution framework to work within. It hasnt been mentioned that we have a legal basis to allow these attacks.
People say it will make Britain a target for terrorists. My response is that Britain has always been a target for terrorists. Look at the IRA. they were far more technically savvy than ISIS. We combatted the IRA as we will Daesh, and our domestic security has improved alot since the early 90s.
The other point is that the Tornado is in demand because of the brimstone missile. this missile is awesome its an anti armour missile and can take out any vehicle at any speed (so far) and limit collateral damage. , the replacement for tornado , the F35  cannot carry Brimstone..

On the work front I got an interview for the storekeeper position at Leconfield in the civil service, thats not for a couple of weeks tho. so fingers crossed.

In other news, there was a mass shooting in the US and a number of people are dead after 3 gunmen opened fire. Before we panic guns are legal in the US.

Above all that the real debate is, is the fashion to have a beard waning? i have a goatee and tash,and wondering if its time to go of whether I should keep it a bit longer.....

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