Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Scouse Mouse

Its amazing you know, you start talking about rats and drain pipes and a mouse appears and I mean actually appears in the lounge. Now our new tenancy agreement is very clear about not harbouring animals so I duelly rang the landlord to notify them of the new occupant and felt they should come and do something about it when Jenny screamed the house down. I thought someone was being murdered in the lounge ( couldn't be Jenny she was still screaming..) so I told the landlord to hold and went to find out that Jenny had actually just seen the mouse...( she had seen it before and not screamed, because she saw it in her periferal vision and thought she was imagining it, so i gave her loads of grief prior to this because it only appeared when I wasn't there. So I said it was her guardian angel) but then it got braver...( and maybe a bit deaf) it didn't care if we were in the lounge and we started to see it or them or whatever daily. we saw it in the dining room too, and the the pest control person appeared. He is a nice chap he keeps snakes he furnished the house with some fetching white boxes and trays of blue mouse sweets. Typically we didn't see it for three days, but then before the mouse man was due to show up again it appeared again, the mouse had tried to fill its hole with a cake wrapper from the that was removed.

When the mouse man came back he said the mouse or something had partaken in the free mouse sweets in the buffet but the white boxes were untouched. We haven't seen it since that last mouse man visit, so fingers crossed....I thought it had died under the fridge because of the smell, but then  I found a rotten potato.So the elusive Scouse mouse ( so called as we are on Mersey streeet) Saga continues....

I will get better at this blogging malarky soon as I will start taking some pictures..why not eh? Mice are a bit fast tho lol

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